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Group, Semi-Private and Private lessons

Welcome to Asaka’s newest English Language School.

Our approach to teaching English is simple.

We believe that learning to speak English should be a mixture of

interesting practical classes  

repeated practice



We teach you the most commonly used vocabulary in daily life, then we build on your lessons, week by week and class by class until you feel confident about using your English ability.

Kids English Classes


 We help children to feel comfortable using the basic vocabulary and tenses. From their first lesson, the students are encouraged to engage with the teacher and talk as much as possible.  Students are expected to be focused on learning, while having interesting and entertaining lessons. 

The teacher will inform parents about the student’s behaviour and what was achieved during the class. The teacher will also inform  the parents of any ‘homework’  for the next class.


 WoNDER KiDS classes

Aimed at introducing younger children to the wonderful world of the English language. The child’s parents are encouraged to take part in the class, with the child for the first few weeks. This helps the parent to understand the lesson style and techniques used by the instructor.

Adult English classes

Held in our comfortable classroom. Your teacher will greet you and guide you through a question and answers session. 

 This Q&A session is aimed at getting the student into the mindset required for a successful lesson.

Your teacher will then proceed  with your lesson and make sure that the lesson has been understood and can be used in various situations. The lesson may need to be reviewed from time to time, to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your lesson. 

Recommended books for adults.

Our teachers are

Native Speakers

CELTA certified


 teaching experience

Classes available

English conversation groups

Adult English lessons

Kid’s English lessons

Business English classes

Travel English lessons 

TOEIC test improvement

Eiken lessons

Hospitality English Classes

Service industry English lessons 


Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Hair salons

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